Lionel Henshaw breathes interior, architectural, product and food photography. 
His clients value his capacity to find clean and graphic compositions, which use negative space to highlight the signature elements of a space, product or dish.
These elements are further intensified by combining classic cinematic lighting techniques with modern post-production skills. 
His compassionate approach to people, make working with him enjoyable and allow for both corporates and creatives to communicate their ideas, producing thriving working environments. 
Although working primarily in Cape Town. Lionel has also shot for international clients in the United Kingdom, Europe and the Caribbean. 
Amongst his many satisfied clients are the Vineyard Hotel, Lagoon Beach Hotel, Ouderwerf Hotel, Ellerman House, Pick n Pay, Clicks, Reebok, Invenfin, RMI, Villa Africa, Sovn Experience, +IMPACT Magazine, Smart Living Magazine, Afrigetics, Sola Future Energy, Footgear, Viva Footwear, I am Trend, Fritz Rauch Design Studio, Aura Interiors, Quoin Rock, Four Walls and Azura Retreats.